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of the storms. it gets thrown out of wac when it merge with another storm. it seems like ocean city, atlanta city, new york city are all suffering the brunt of this and expecting far worse conditions than we're seeing here. >> on two counts, brian. this is a hybrid storm, and front loaded with rain and wind on the southwest side of it. so they got all of that earlier. than we're getting the strong wind and surge into the areas. so it's like a two for one nightmare special. >> and the heavy snows and the cold air to the west. that could be a problem, which could cause a lot of power outages when you're getting snow piling up out there. >> and i was thinking about something you asked earlier brian, because the forward motion of the hurricane. would that shorten the window for >>> we don't know what it will do when it comes to shore in the next 35 to 40 minutes, because there's a frontal boundary causing it to intense. that remains to be seen. the models have it somewhere north of the mason dickson line at two in the morning with 75 miles per hour winds. >> we know this as well. it's transferri
of house. >> reporter: meanwhile mayor gray and other city leaders began the morning with a tour of the city. the first stop? a tree down near the historic home of frederick douglass. >> i think we're in good shape. we've had minimal flooding up to now. this is still a threat over the next four to eight hours of some flooding on the potomac. >> reporter: the mayor's group headed to northeast where we found crews removing this tree from ebart street. residents thankful it was only a car damaged when the tree came down. >> the most important thing, there's no life lost and that's the main thing. >> reporter: because of the strong winds last night and early this morning, there are trees down across the district, but the good news, as soon as they came down, there were crews to pick them up. crews working right here on calvert street northwest removing a big tree here. even with all the downed trees no one was injured and power outages were restored quickly for the most part. >> they were here as soon as i woke up, so we're pretty happy with their response. >> it's obvious pepco wa
in new york, swabs of the city without power, the subway is still down as craig bosswell tells us for the millions affected by the storm, life may never be at the -- be the same. >> reporter: the damage report gets longer and longer. president obama got a firsthand look at the damage along the atlantic city boardwalk and the other barrier islands, as families try to figure out what to do next. president obama visits new jersey touring the devastated shore region with governor chris christie. the scenes and pictures are chilling and it's like this along the shorelines. the amusements of the jersey shore are down the list of casualties: homes, boats, businesses and lives were lost to the storm. >> the destruction is so totaled in so many places that it's a different experience than we have scene before. >> reporter: residents can't believe that part of their legendary boardwalk is now gone. meanwhile, in neighboring new york, the hustle and bustle of the big apple is slowly coming back after sandy brought the metropolitan hub to a halt. governor cuomo announcing limited train servic
for the disabled -- reserve spots for the disabled and stop the city's old parking policy. but soon after it started, the council shut it down. there was mass confusion. >> the program got off to we can characterize as a fairly rocky start. >> reporter: many complaints there were not enough red tops but now a plan would make 1800 of the districts 18,800-meter spots red top parking only. >> 1800 red top stations are being imposed. >> fraud was one reason for the form. >> fox 5 disabled those who were using the red top to park free all day. the district followed up with an investigation. >> some able-bodied drivers have abused the current parking system but fraudulently displaying handicap cards as to not pay a fee. >> reporter: officials say there are over 160,000 people living in d.c. who are disabled and many more who travel into the city each day. >> our mission is to make sure we are national about accessibility and what other cities and states should be replicating is what we feel for the administration and it is the right thing to do. >> the red tops are not being enforced. those wit
, and plenty of sunshine this afternoon and you can see the colors to the west of us and this is in the city before and at peak. we cool back down. 75 degrees and here in the city, gaithersburg, 72; fredericksburg, 75; culpeper, 72 degrees; winchester, 70; martinsburg, 71 and that is a great evening. nice at 7:00, 11:00, and as temperatures drop through the 70s and into the upper 60s and we're talking about the lower 60s here in town and overnight tonight and what we have to talk about is hurricane sandy. the winds over hurricane strength to 80 miles an hour and that is making her a category 1 hurricane and approaching the island of cuba later on tonight and moving across that and weakening through the bahamas and the tropical strength is good. the forecast calls for it to become a hurricane again in the nowhere secs and parallel to florida and to the east coast. and we go longer into the future, this is monday at 2:00 and that is about hurricane strength and witching -- switching over from a tropical system to a subtropical system and that is some different characteristics there and that is
in new york city makes reference to the d.c. snipers. the 38-year-old pregnant mother of four was found murdered in her pardon me. the police say her killer left a note underneath her body promising more expected mothers would die unless lee boyd malvo is released from prison. investigators are skeptical about the note and there is no indication of a connection between the suspects or victim and malvo. half so is -- malvo iserving a life sentence without parole. >>> we talked to pedestrians and drivers hoping someone will give them clues to the murder of 18-year-old ross. he was shot and killed as he walked to central high school on the morning of september 11th. investigators are trying to figure out if a robbery took place in the area the day before ross was killed. >>> penn state is asking a lawsuit filed by former assistant coach, football coach be put on hold. mike mccreary is reporting defamation. he testified about seeing jerry sandusky showering with a boat. he said he was made a scapegoat for the university's failure to properly report. he is -- two other criminal cases are rel
. they proposed putting cameras all over the city and if we are going to put cameras all over the city with creating greater certainty people will be caught if they speed, we found out there is no correlation between the size of the fan and whether people stop speeding or not. but if they are certain to be caught, they are less likely to speed. i think it will be better to maintain the public trust if we bring the fines down. now running stoplights, it is very unsafe. those fines remain high. but por speeding and other fines that are up to $250 and double after 30 days to become $300, we are going to take another look at that and the bill proposes bringing fines closer to what they are in virginia and maryland. >> how do you convince skeptics like myself, who are convinced that this is nothing more than a money-grab hidden behind the cloak of government safety. >> that is why we did the task force. mary cheh and i will introduce a bill to try to bring the fine closer to the infraction. and for them to be more reasonable. and i think if we bring the fines, for example, from $120 for spe
thinks there should have been more affordable housing and maybe the interest of the city and the metro board were in the same direction. he didn't tell board members and some were plainly angry, few of them and they serve on the board. some were angry that he was dealing, unbeknownst to managers and board members here with the developer and trying -- trying to say no, no, i want you off of the project. plainly, the metro board doesn't like what happened and have decided to strengthen their own code and this is a violation of the existing conduct code. >> where does the metro board can go from here? is it the end of it? once they release the board? >> it is. there is no way to monitor or censure a board member gone. he did not get reappointed to the metro board. this is up to law enforcement and the court of public opinion. >> all right, john henrehan tonight. >>> following a news alert from silver spring. late this afternoon a four-year- old boy fell from an 8th story apartment window and he was taken to children's hospital in serious condition. we'll have more at 10. >>> and we're on
president obama and mitt romney will a peal peer together at a political dinner in new york city. the romney campaign is feasting on new favorable poll numbers. the president, meanwhile, got help of his own from some high star power. bill clinton and bruce springsteen. tom fitzgerald is joins us now and we'll start with the numbers here. >> reporter: brian, the poll tracking site real clear politics tracks the major polls out there in the country right now. the judged to give you a better idea of exactly where we are in this campaign. what real clear politics is seeing tonight is that of the seven major polls they look at, seven of those polls, mitt romney is loading in four of them, ties in a fifth and trails the president in only two. even after a better second debate performance by president obama, mitt romney is now leading the rcp average. in ohio thursday, the obama campaign got a double dose of star power. >> was born in the usa and, unlike one of the candidates for president, i keep all of my money here. >> reporter: the former president was joined by the current boss. >>
. are city officials keeping a close enough eye on all of the revenue being brought in? d.c. council committee is looking into that question today. recently, there is some concerns about how some properties are assessed. how records are kept, and if enough taxes are being collected from property owners. william davilla was called before the council n charge of the tax office's integrity department and abruptly resigned last week. >> generally speaking, i would think the controls have improved. theytill have a long way to go. >> okay. >> a lot of work remains, but the key if is for the managers -- key is for the managers and supervisors to manage, supervise, train the people and do their job. >> he said since being hired in 2010 geek, he was only -- 2010, he was only able to have one meeting with the city cfo who also testified before the council today. >>> much more coming your way as the news edge at 6 continues. let's check in with brian at nats work. >> reporter: darkness descended on nationals park. there is a lot to think about for the nats team and nats fans. they lost today an
evening sunshine. 69 in the city right now and 70 for monasses and fredericksburg. clouds this evening and to 10, 11, 12:00 and there is go be to be a chance of spotty drizzle and fog forming and that will carry with us on through the overnight hours and as well. and this is the tropical satellite picture of hurricane sandy, kind of moving up not quite as well defined as it was and that is getting a barrage from upper level winds and over time, that is weakening from the category sustained and 105 miles an hour and to a category one hurricane and over the next few days and into the early part of the weekend, and that is a category 1 hurricane offshore from north carolina and this is a forecast that slowed down quite a bit. right now, the hurricane center pushed the trap to the northwest in time for the landfall and maybe still a minimal hurricane and up around new jersey and manhattan. can you see the cone of uncertainty into the future and that is including d.c. the worst case is scenario, the storm will make landfall north of the metro and helping us out and look at future cast, not
. >> reporter: they displaying the ads on the new york city subway system and managers of the washington area metro balked in part because of the recent destructive rioting in islamic nations over a california film ridiculing the prophet mohammad. an attorney for metro told a federal judge that three u.s. security agencies have cautioned metro about current unspecified concerns. metro furnished a video shot by a new york post reporter showing one woman defacing one of the 10 posters and another woman trying to block that action. metro is trying to delay the posters until november 1st to allow the world situation to calmdown. the attorney for the pro israeli poster maker said that metro must display the ads without delay. >> in our civil society, the first amendment has the greatest protection. the government needs to protect the speaker and for those who say they want to engage in violence, we'll arrest you for engaging in violence and all it's going to do is embolden those. >> reporter: during the hearing, the u.s. district judge collier characterized the part of the poster as being part of
of the front. everything is along i-95. a little bit of a break for the city now is but still, showers and thunderstorms coming up from the south. switching over to sentinel radar, we'll give you an idea of what is taking place with the movement of everything and to the east, the movement is very, very slow. the individual cells are running to the north-northeast and the individual cells within the line are moving to the northeast quite quickly. thirty, 40 miles per hour and at this comes into the city, it won't take long before it gets here and most of this is shifting to the east of i-95. mount vernon getting wet and into alexandrea and looks like the north and west is getting through. and maryland again, east of i- 95 and to elk ridge and baltimore and rain into howard county, carol county as well and this continues to move to the north and to the northeast and this is going to be with us. since the movement to the east is slow, i think it will be with us the next few hours or so and once the sunsets, things will get calmer and cloudy. seventy in the city. gaithersburg cooled 64 deg
later on at night, but he missed the school and football practice as l. the fairfax city police found his vehicle in the park which, is a little league baseball field on picket road. early in the morning, tuesday morning. >> police say they not investigating the disappearance as suspicious, but say that they can and do consider it unusual. >>> strong statements about slottings still ahead on the news edge. what maryland's top leaders are saying about the group behind the negative campaign ads. sue. >> and an interesting day and managed to get up to 82 degrees. i will let you know how much longer it's going continue. the big changes coming up on the seven-day forecast. and scott smith out at nats park. what a great day. >> and heading into the post season with baseball's best record. the 98th win today and secure home field advantage to the play-offs. who and&when will they play? that is next. [ barack o obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] he says... president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. [ female announcer ] but thi
with individually. we're going have some sways dug up. >> and he and other business owners approached the city leaders about the lines and a spokesman said fixing the sewer was not part of the project and the issue is not the age of the pipes but grease. >>> wizards get back to work. sports is just ahead on the news edge. i'm barack obama and i approved this messssage. [ mitt romney ] there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what... who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it... and they will vote for this president no matter what... and so my job is not to worry about those people. i'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. in today's economy. too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make falling incomes meet rising prices for food and gas. more americans are living in poverty than when president obama to
. >> thank you for coming in tonight. >> thank you. >>> a news alert this evening, as city's board of ethics and board of accountability voted this toopen a preliminary investigation of council member jim graham. a metro board report alleges graham may he mixed his role as council member with his role on the metro board to josh a land deal. >>> the edge on the district now and a gallaudet university administrator fighting back against her suspension. the chief diversity administrator angela mccaskill was suspended with pay for signing a petition calling for a referendum on gay marriage. she signed it in july and the suspension prompted outrage on both sides of the argument that several organizations demanded show be re-enstated. >> i was shocked, hurt, insulted. was humiliated. i offered to have a campuswide dialogue on this sensitive issue i believe in civil discourse. >> she's not antigray gay but pro-democracy and wanted the referendum. and she's not said which way she would vote on the gay marriage issue. >>> nordstrom joins the debate on same-sex marriage. company officials support out
prank dialing the nypd, but not on purpose. the new york city emergency system received nearly 4 million accidental calls a year. the majority of those are butt dialing. people calling 911 from mobile phones in their pockets. >> that's horrible, because they can't tend to real emergencies. >> it's excessive and somebody needs to do something about the butt dialing. you know, it's a pry on society, obviously. >> a national report finds responders are finding it difficult to handle all the calls. they are required to stay on the phone, even if there is silence to find out if the call is related to an emergency. perjury officials are concerned that will lead to less response time. >>> you may be searching for a deal on your meds. buying prescription drugs online presents a whole new set of problems. the concerns over counterfeit pills. >>> weddings can be expensive and one bride's plan to get the most, at least the most items she could for free. the so-called run away bride was caught on tape stealing a $5,000 wedding dress with a toddler in tow. she simply walked out of a bridal show as
the flooding. especially neighborhoods like the boomingdale district. earlier today city crews were out cleaning storm drains. >> dirt, all that type of stuff will be down. we are going to be out here working. >> getting ready for the storms, some are buying up batteries, other supplies make sure they are ready for whatever sandy throws our way. metro is preparing for possible effects in both metro bus and metro rail. placing sandbags around locations where water can infiltrate undergrout situaons -- underground situations. the maryland highway administration also making sure people who have to travel can do it safely. crews preparing by clearing drains, readying chainsaws and other equipment. major concerns significant tree damage and power outages. as a reminder, drivers must treat intersections with nonfunctioning traffic signals as four way stops. the state highway administration will provide realtime traffic information and road closures through the 511 phone system. stay with fox 5 as we track hurricane sandy. remember to download the fox 5 weather app for instant access to the f
.  . >>> people in new orleans are upset about tourist buses in the lower 9th ward. one of the hardest hit cities. and it's been -- there's been a ban on buses since 2006 and loosely enforced until recently. they come through seeing fats dominoes house and homes by brad pitt. >> the residents are disrespected and don't want to be looked upon as a side show. we want the tour buses to respect our homes and community. >>> a maryland community has a new address tonight. the columbia neighborhood raled for an entire year to change the offensive name of their street to april wind court. the name upset many people in the community. thieves have stolen signs in the past. the community leaders say the new name gives everyone a fresh start. >>> stink bugs are invading maryland. the u.s. agricultural department found there are 60% more in frederick county this year. not sure what bugs are swarming and researchers are exploring solutions to combat the invasive spice ease. >>> another day, another price hike at the pump. >> i think the prices are ridiculous. >> people working, you know -- it's too high. way
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